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Weather Android Apps Games

  • ArmWeather

    ArmWeather 1.5

    ArmWeather for Android, provides detailed current weather observation and weather forecast for Armenian cities, it provides the current temperature in Celsius. It also provides current weather condit…

  • QuakeWatch Austria

    QuakeWatch Austria 1.0.0

    - Alles über Erdbeben in Österreich und der Welt - Melden Sie uns auf einfache Weise Ihre Wahrnehmungen und Schäden - Ratgeber: Richtiges Verhalten während eines Bebens - Wie weit…

  • Nubilosus-Weather app

    Nubilosus-Weather app 1.0

    This app was made by following the treehouse android course, 'Build A Weather App' I used it as a reference to make my own weather app. The app shows humidity, precipitation, hourly and daily forecas…

  • Under The Sky

    Under The Sky 1.2

    Under The Sky provides you with a clean interface that displays weather information. Weather forecast data is retrieved from OpenWeatherMap. This initial release is intended for early testing only…