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  • VOI

    VOI 1.1.4

    VOI is another Brain bending game from the Maker of HOCUS; "". -Totally new perspective to tangram games! Forget your mathematical knowledge! VOI came to prove that "1 + 1…

  • Faily Tumbler

    Faily Tumbler 1.14

    After we’ve seen Phil Faily test his luck on cars and motorbikes, we take a glimpse into the life of an Ancient Faily! While hunting for some dinosaur eggs you disturb a mighty volcano and are…

  • Tahu Bulat 2

    Tahu Bulat 2 1.0.3

    Own Games, pengembang game Tahu Bulat kembali lagi dengan sequel dari game Tahu Bulat: Tahu Bulat 2! Rancang dan bangunlah Kota Tahu Bulat-mu sendiri! Dirikan bangunan-bangunan unik untuk membuat ko…

  • Huyền Thoại LOL

    Huyền Thoại LOL 1.0.0

    Bạn là fan hâm mộ của Leesin, Xin Zhao hay Zed? Hãy thử trải nghiệm Huyền Thoại LOL, cầm Thầy Tu Mù quẩy tung đội hình địch trong một thế giới mới. - Đến với Huyền …

  • Shooting King

    Shooting King 1.0.7

    Here comes the best rifle shooting game with various stages and gimmicks (range targets, balloons, flying saucer, parachute and more) [Features] -ShootingKing is Experience the best FPS gaming expe…

  • Garena Breakout: เบรคเอาท์ FPS

    Garena Breakout: เบรคเอาท์ FPS 1.1.3

    BreakOut: เบรคเอาท์ เกมFPS eSports เกมแรกที่พัฒนาโดยการีนา ค่ายเกมฟอร์มยักษ์ใหญ่! BreakOut: เบรคเอาท์ คือเกมยิงปืนแบบ First Person Shooter (FPS) ที่มีดีไซน์โดดเด่น ภาพและเสียงจัดเต็มปลุกโสตประสาทเต็…