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  • Full Charge Alarm

    Full Charge Alarm 2.0

    This application give alert with high volume alarm when the battery is fully charged and You will never forget the phone on charger for a long period In today's busy schedule it is very hard to chec…

  • Auto-reply WhatsReply

    Auto-reply WhatsReply 1.1.0

    WhatsApp does not have the auto-reply feature, so Auto-reply WhatsReply performs this task. Auto-reply WhatsReply sends a predefined message to each contact that writes to you in automatized fashion…

  • КingRoоt Pro

    КingRoоt Pro 1.1

    This Mr Kingroot Pro is a root is for who just want to get root access, but do not want to blink any third party recovery in their beautiful device ...! this by kingroot Root all android devices by o…