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  • Cricket Prediction

    Cricket Prediction 1.0

    Cricket Prediction Live is a live predictor where all you have to do is predict who is going to win the match. On the basis of pitch reports, previous performance of team, weather etc. Get push noti…

  • Minigolf

    Minigolf 1.6

    Relax while playing Minigolf in a beautiful park. The game features 18 tracks arranged in a realistic layout, embedded in a beautiful and atmospheric low-poly scenery. An elegant but subtle user int…

  • 4 Footballers 1 Club

    4 Footballers 1 Club 3.5.2dk

    For each 4 players you should know the club that all of them played for it in the past few years. Most of the footballers played for some clubs a very short period, we focused on those period, so yo…

  • Scorer

    Scorer 1.2

    Do you play games? Do you follow Local Games? If yes, Scorer is for you. It is an app for the local passionate players of the world. Now you can score your Local Matches or Tournaments LIVE ball t…

  • Tips Friday The 13th game

    Tips Friday The 13th game 1

    The Friday The 13th tips for Friday The 13th app provides you Friday The 13th tips and Friday The 13th sounds for Friday The 13th. It includes and Friday The 13th sounds + guide Friday The 13th tips …

  • Biker Slang

    Biker Slang 1.0

    Biker Slang is the game where we start riding by our self through controls. The game is on play Store you can download it from your phone. This game is addiction seriously, Might be you will not have…