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  • LifeSnipp

    LifeSnipp 1.0.3

    Every day a new experience is born. LifeSnipp provides an ultimate platform for a plethora of experiences. Friends meet and experiences greet. Here's an app where all share their interesting life e…

  • V2er - 好用的V2EX客户端

    V2er - 好用的V2EX客户端 1.0-RC4.7-free

    设计简洁、功能丰富、交互流畅、后台纯净。每个页面布局设计都经过深思熟虑,以使你能够更好的畅游V2EX。 Recent changes: 0. 修复了由于兼容Nova Launcher 导致的原生7.1系统shortcuts不可用的问题 1. 帖子详情页布局调整,以使布局更加紧凑

  • InstaSaver

    InstaSaver 1.4

    Instasave for Instagram helps you to save Instagram photos and videos to your device. Now You can Speedily Download video and photos from IG. Repost your favorite photos & videos when you find…

  • Freemig Social

    Freemig Social 1.9.3

    Freemig, all in a package provides an open and productive social networking platform that grab a new level of height with its unique features and trendy outlook. Freemig ensures a productive and us…

  • Rankzone

    Rankzone 1.0.5

    How many times you wished that you could register the height you reached and share it with your friends to challenge them? Now that’s possible through Rankzone. You can save your height reac…

  • Beautiful Matrimony

    Beautiful Matrimony 1.0.7

    Free Online matrimonial service from Beautiful Matrimony. Helps people to find life partner, Marriage bureau, Wedding assistance, 100% free online matrimony service to all religion, caste and languag…

  • R C Patel

    R C Patel 10.0

    જલાલપોર ૧૭૪ મતવિસ્તારના ધારાસભ્ય શ્રી આર. સી. પટેલે તેમના લોકસંપર્કના ઉદેશને વેગવંતી અને ડીજીટલ બનાવવા હેતુથી બનાવેલ એપ છે. આ એપના ઉપયોગથી તેમના દ્વારા થતા કાર્યો, આગામી કાર્યક્રમો વિશે માહિતી મળી રહ…