Humor apps APK

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  • Humor Quotes

    Humor Quotes 1.0

    Humor Quotes about life can add a humorous spin to situations in your life. If you are looking for a good laugh while still looking for a little perspective on life funny life quotes can be just what…

  • Games Humor

    Games Humor 1.0

    For those who like games and memes is now available a new application - the best gaming jokes of all time! Updating the tape every hour! Gamers of all countries can unite! Just download and install o…

  • Web Rádio Humor Total

    Web Rádio Humor Total 1.1

    Este aplicativo foi desenvolvido para os amantes do humor, aonde abordamos todos os tipo de humorismo. O que e Humorismo ? (Qualidade do que manifesta humor ('comicidade', 'expressão irônica'). Seja …

  • Adults funny jokes humor

    Adults funny jokes humor 2.0

    Enjoy !! Please don't download if you under than 21 ans - New adults funny jokes added weekly Share with email / s m s Random funny joke button ( jokes of the day ) get updates in the notificat…

  • LOL - Tirinhas

    LOL - Tirinhas 1.0

    Acompanhe as atualizações dos melhores blogs de humor. Sites disponíveis até o momento: naointendo, leninja, ahnegao, jacarebanguela, kibeloco, naosalvo.

  • Zombie Games

    Zombie Games 1.1

    Zombie Games is track and field game packed with humor and play-ability with Olympic inspired games. Compete in various events and take control of your favourite stupid zombie. You will need to use …

  • Pakalu Papito Quotes Pro

    Pakalu Papito Quotes Pro 1.6

    Pakalu Papito is a novelty Twitter account for a fictional Indian convenience store clerk which is known for posting joke tweets using puns and irreverent humor. the Pakalu Papito app quotes is lik…

  • Simpsons Store

    Simpsons Store 5.0.1216

    What’s in store for you at the Simpsons Store? From A (for “¬Aye, carumba!”) to Z (for “Zazz”), Matt Groening, the master of mirthful mischief, presents over twent…

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