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  • HELP Notfall

    HELP Notfall 1.0

    Die App «HELP Notfall» der Schweizerischen Herzstiftung hilft, lebensrettende Hilfe zu leisten und bietet eine praktische Handlungsanleitung. Sie führt Nutzerinnen und Nutzer mit vis…

  • Pedi Help

    Pedi Help 1.11

    PediHelp can help you calculate Dosages and Sizes in pediatric anesthesia and for pediatric emergencies. The different age groups are marked with the usual color coding. You can first set the age, we…

  • Tippie - Smartphone Help

    Tippie - Smartphone Help 1.0

    Have doubts on anything related to smartphones? Absolutely anything! Tippie gives you the solution. Can’t figure out how to change you profile picture on Facebook? Don’t know what is mobi…

  • RSA Help

    RSA Help 1.1

    We provide 24*7 Road Side Assistance For Following Services Accident Assistance Mechanical Assistance Electrical Assistance Battery Assistance Tyre Assistance Key Assistance Towing Assistance Hotel A…

  • PixWords Answers and Help

    PixWords Answers and Help 1.70

    What is PXWords? - The application PXWords with website helps you find unknown words from PixWords game. You can choose multiple search criteria, after the author's image, after the…

  • Help the couch potatoes

    Help the couch potatoes 1.2.1

    Are you someone who sits on a chair for long hours? You want to be more active but simply remain stuck to the chair? This app is for you then. Features - -Increase your metabolism rate -Make your li…

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