Face apps APK

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  • Face

    Face 1.0.5

    Face Swap lets you switch faces with a friend & family in real-time. Take photos of yourself swapping fac…

  • Face Morphing

    Face Morphing 1.0

    Face Morph allows you to create funny faces. Animal face creation is possible with this app. This face changer supports five different types of face morphing features, i) Face Morph ii) Face Split …

  • Face Swap

    Face Swap 1.2

    Face Swap is a fun photo editing app to swap faces. It is very easy to use and gives the result in very short time. For better and fine results use straight head pose photos. Currently Face Swap does…

  • Face Swap Live

    Face Swap Live

    Here is the best Realtime Live Face Swapping Stealer App! Ditch your own face and wear someone else's! Face Swap Stealer app turns your face into someone else in real-time. You can transform your f…

  • Real Time Face Swap

    Real Time Face Swap 1.0

    Real Time Face Swap allows for selfie view face swapping live. It works in real time updating based on your changing face. In order to ensure success get you and you're friend in the camera frame, …

  • Live Face Swap

    Live Face Swap 1.0.3

    Swap your face with a friend live on camera. Or try live face swapping with a set of sample photos. The app will magically switch faces in no time flat. Do yourself a favor and get Live Face Swap in…

  • insta Live Face Swap

    insta Live Face Swap 1.0

    insta Live Face Swap is a funny face swapper app on android, also known as face juggler. It is the best app for editing photos and changing faces. Use it with your friends as a prank or at the office…

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