Example apps APK

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  • Once Example

    Once Example 1.0

    An example of the Once library functionality and usage. Visit the github page https://github.com/jonfinerty/Once for more information on how to install, use and contribute to the Once library.

  • GalleryKT Example

    GalleryKT Example 1.0

    Gallery KT is an application example about how to use Retrofit, Picasso and RecyclerView, if you want to know more about it the source code it is on GitHub https://github.com/simplekjl/GalleryKT

  • DBA Example

    DBA Example 1.0

    Portafolio: Esta aplicación se usa una base de Datos SQlite y se hace inserción de Usuarios y búsqueda personalizada por nombre y teléfono.

  • CircularFillableLoaders

    CircularFillableLoaders 1.0

    Demo application using CircularFillableLoaders library to realize a beautiful circular fillable loaders to be used for splashscreen for example. The source code can be found and used at GitHub at: h…

  • App Avísame

    App Avísame 1.3.3

    App Avísame is an application that has as main goal warn you to do something you ordered him to remember you related with medical issues, like for example: taking some medicines, going to the …

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