Evaluation apps APK

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  • Evaluation Ucy

    Evaluation Ucy 2

    Rate online the various services and facilities (Restaurants, Cafe, Labs, Sports facilities, Web facilities, Security facillities, Buildings) of University Of Cyprus and write a review for them. You…

  • Swim Evaluation

    Swim Evaluation 2.0

    Il modello propone due modalità di funzionamento: prestazioni e andature; tipologia (del nuotatore) Modalità 1) Prestazioni e andature A partire da due prestazioni note, ottenute su di…

  • Evaluation de douleur

    Evaluation de douleur 1.0.2

    Vous êtes médecin, infirmier(e) et vous avez assez d'avoir les poches pleines. Vous êtes parents et ne savez pas comment évaluer le niveau de douleur/souffrance de votre enfant. Votre conjoint(e), fr…

  • Jokes for Whatsap2

    Jokes for Whatsap2 6.2

    Jokes and the most beautiful passages and recreation can be found in this wonderful application you can post the application and evaluation of 5 stars if your eyebrows application

  • eCBSE

    eCBSE 2.0.1

    The CBSE envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavour. The Board is committed to provide quality education to promote int…

  • Vision Test

    Vision Test 1.0

    Take a quick exam to test the vision of your eyes. The test results are displayed for each eye separately. Although the test is based on international vision test using eye chart, it still has some l…

  • ECG Interpretation

    ECG Interpretation 1.0

    An electrocardiogram or ECG, records electrical activity in the heart. An ECG machine records these electrical signals across multiple heart beats and produces an ECG strip that is interpreted by a h…

  • Navkar Rapid Revision

    Navkar Rapid Revision 1.0.0

    Navkar's Rapid Revision is an innovative initiative to overcome the drawbacks that students face in an ordinary E-Learning method. This application is built with following purposes: *** Providing Mo…


    AISAT 1.0.1

    AISAT (All India Students’ Aptitude Test) was started in the year 2012 with a vision of helping the students in identifying their natural tendencies through a systematic evaluation test of their apti…

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