Effect apps APK

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  • Blur Effect

    Blur Effect 1.0

    Blur Effect is the best way to Blur Images and Blur Image backgrounds. Blur Effect is easy to use: 1. Select photo that you want Blur Image parts. 2. Draw over the Photo with your finger like a clos…

  • Pixel Effect

    Pixel Effect 1.1

    Pixel effect photo editor is convert your any photo into a Pixel photo using our app effect. It Applies some magic effects on your photos to make it more beautiful and realistic.Simple and best app t…

  • DSLR Camera Focus Effect

    DSLR Camera Focus Effect 1.0

    DSLR Camera Effect photo editor to blur background of your photos called blur effect or DSLR photo effect. DSLR blur Effect is most powerful app for making blur photo and focus on main character. cre…

  • Droste Window Photo Effect

    Droste Window Photo Effect 1.0

    Droste Window Photo Effect is creative photo effect applications in which you can apply pic in pic in pic on your photo, pic in pic effect app contain many Multi Frame effect which make your photo mo…

  • Diamond Effect Photo

    Diamond Effect Photo 1.0

    Diamond Effect is a unique stunning photo effect app which makes your photo beautiful than ever. Choose a effect template and intensity - you are done. But wait, it’s not just a traditional pho…

  • Pixel Effect - Photo Editor

    Pixel Effect - Photo Editor 1.0

    ------------------------------Pixel Effect Photo Editor -------------------- Pixel Effect Photo Editor - Make your Photo look like its bleeding Pixels from photo to create awesome looking Pixel E…

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