Duration apps APK

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  • 511 Contraction Tracker

    511 Contraction Tracker 0.0.11

    511 is a contractions app that lets you easily keep track of your contractions duration. Just tap the button when a contraction starts or ends, and the app will do the bookkeeping for you. Recent c…

  • Events for WoT

    Events for WoT 2.2

    Now you can easily track all WoT events, on EU NA RU and ASIA clusters. With this application you will see all current, past and upcoming events of WoT, view precise duration of event, filter by even…

  • Little Baby Steps.

    Little Baby Steps. 1.2

    It serves as a complete guide for the pregnancy duration. The pregnancy timeline provides the baby’s weekly milestones, and sends helpful tips and medical advice. The Little Baby Steps App aim…

  • Taekwondo Score

    Taekwondo Score 1.0.2

    The Taekwondo Score is for training and competitions. With the Taekwondo Score you can set the rounds, duration and rest time. Simulate the scores and faults of each participant, now is easier than …

  • Run Tracker

    Run Tracker 1.0

    Run Tracker is a fitness app to tack your daily activity i.e. Running, Jogging, Walking and Jumping. This app track your distance, duration, pace, speed, calories and more. This app uses GPS device …

  • Dr. Self

    Dr. Self 1.1.0

    OFFER Join the just launch offer no fee no login required ,just install it and the app will start .It is free for some duration. This app will give you assess to general diseases and lifestyle proble…

  • Tenaga Park Smart

    Tenaga Park Smart 1.0.7

    Park Smart - provides users with the convenience of finding the closest meter and making an online payment for the duration of the parking time within a few taps, allowing users to ‘Park Smart&…

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