Diet apps APK

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  • Paleo Diet

    Paleo Diet 1.0

    Paleo Diet: like in old good times
Paleo Diet (more often called - Diet of the ancient or Paleolithic Diet), oddly enough, have been developed by our contemporaries - American nutritionists Loren Cor…

  • Diet Book

    Diet Book 1.0

    Diet Book is an simple application which helps you to maintain a slim body and healthy life. The simple seven day diet plan is more than enough for you. But additionally we added the following featur…

  • Paleo Diet Recipes

    Paleo Diet Recipes 1.0

    Free Paleo Diet Recipes is an application containing recipes for Paleo diet. Paleo Diet Recipes provides you with Paleo food recipes so you can lose weight and get your body on the right track healt…

  • Best Diet to Lose Weight

    Best Diet to Lose Weight 1.0

    The most effective best diet to lose weight – those who not only balanced, but also combined with exercise. It is desirable that the right combination of diet and exercise for lose weight fast …

  • Savabox Diet

    Savabox Diet 1.3.1

    Find out the rules of a healthy and efficient diet, follow one of the daily menus offered by the application, and follow the variation of your body parameters throu a easy to use statistics screen. …

  • Diet FS

    Diet FS 2.0.0

    This is a diet designed to keep your ideal weight if you have put on some extra kilos, you will gradually lose then, until you reach your ideal weight, once your weight is correct you won’t gain more…

  • Diet 6 petals

    Diet 6 petals 0.1

    Diet 6 petals. Diet for gastritis. Watermelon diet. Diet Malyshevoy. Want to lose weight but don't know what diet to choose? Our app will help you to choose a diet. To lose weight just. Lose weight …

  • Seven Day Diet Plan

    Seven Day Diet Plan 1.0

    You can now lose up to 8 kg within seven days, just by following this amazing diet plan. All you have to do is follow “Seven day diet plan” and its guarantee that you will lose weight up to 8 kilogra…

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