Delayed apps APK

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  • DAF Stuttering Therapy

    DAF Stuttering Therapy 1.0

    Stuttering Therapy and Delayed Auditory Feedback According to Researchers in New Orleans (­auditory­feedback ), Delayed Auditory Feedback, ( DAF ) may b…

  • Live PNR and Train Status

    Live PNR and Train Status 1.0

    This app contains all information related to Train Travel. #PNR Status. #Train live running status. #Trains is Delayed or On time. #On Which plateform train is coming. #Trains between two station #R…

  • Dozzzer

    Dozzzer 1.2

    Official Doze mode is only for Marshmallow, but Dozzzer brings this powerful battery saving feature to all Androids. Yes, even to your Gingerbread granny! How it works? Internet is one of the bigges…

  • Tripie - Plan a trip

    Tripie - Plan a trip 1.03

    Tripie builds an optimized day-by-day schedule based on various constraints and preferences provided by the traveler. Tripie gives all the details including how much time to spend at each attraction,…

  • Infovuelos

    Infovuelos 1.0

    Infovuelos lets you track flight statuses in real-time. All flights with origin in or destination to Spain can be checked in Infovuelos. You can track each flight from your device and check real-tim…

  • Full HD Camera

    Full HD Camera 1.0

    Full HD Camera is a photo application that allows you to make high-resolution pictures fast and so on, simply a camera application that uses all the advantages of your phone or tablets. With this app…

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