Crisp apps APK

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  • OLX Pakistan

    OLX Pakistan 5.0.0

    OLX is a globally recognized and loved! - free classifieds app that lets you buy and sell second-hand goods locally. We bring to you a beautifully functional app with a crisp interface that lets you …

  • Explorer

    Explorer 1.0.5

    Crisp Watchface for Android Wear displaying Number of Steps taken today together with current temperature and weather forecast at your location. Features interactive features to display full weather…

  • Short News Hindi

    Short News Hindi 1.1

    Are you tired with reading too long news? Now you can read news in crisp. And that too in all Indian languages. “News in short - Hindi” is your time saving news app where you can read news in just …

  • CitiMist

    CitiMist 0.1.5

    Citimist" stands for City + Mist (Coverage). Based on the location of the users, they will get the local promotions and offers. "Citimist" will help the consumers to find the best prod…

  • Mapicle News Beta

    Mapicle News Beta 0.0.12

    Mapicle News App is your one-stop solution for daily news with tailor-made summaries, hand-picked content and pre-requisite info to understand the news (say a brief history, facts and expert analysis…

  • BlackBerry Camera

    BlackBerry Camera

    The BlackBerry® Camera is optimized for the Schneider-Kreuznach® certified camera on PRIV. Take professional-quality photos with minimal effort! Creativity comes naturally when taking photos …



    WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND ASICON 2015? • Scientific Program in the NEW, new format • Multicentre Theme Based Live Operative Workshops from Centers of Excellence across the Country. • Conf…

  • BecameKappa

    BecameKappa 1.0

    "Japanese Doll" It's new series of production team. ■ Description ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ It is a game to nurture me. By giving a cucumber, Grow Don Don. All is ending in four! (Furthe…

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