Claim apps APK

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  • Claim Addiction

    Claim Addiction 1.67

    There is great wealth locked up in the world’s resources both physical and virtual. Do you have what it takes to mine those resources? Build mines, upgrade your investments, hire miners - even …

  • Accident Claim Online

    Accident Claim Online 1.0.1

    Increasing number of accidents and incidents of vehicle thefts has made it essential for policyholders to know how to file car Insurance Claims. When you experience an injury, everything can chang…

  • D'Claim

    D'Claim 1.0.2

    The “D’Claim” app is designed for use by Digi employees and it requires authorized NT credentials to log in. The D’Claim app is the most convenient mobile app for all Digi employees. It is a mobile a…

  • Blockchain Game

    Blockchain Game 1.0.1

    Earn real bitcoin, sent to your bitcoin wallet by playing a fun and addictive game. Build a blockchain by stacking blocks, and claim higher rewards with a longer chain.

  • Free Pulsa

    Free Pulsa 1.1

    Free Pulsa is miles ahead of competition and giving the users Ultimate ease and experience to claim free gifts and do their mobile recharges, bill payments etc while you also get wonderful deals from…

  • Swiftgrocer

    Swiftgrocer 1.0.0 is online general stores, which provide the Quality product as well as at the Cheapest price. We claim 2 hour Delivery. We also have our General stores from where customer can pay a…

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