Checker apps APK

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  • Vision Checker

    Vision Checker 1.0

    With “Vision Checker” you can check your eyesight anytime with even going to a doctor. Just follow the simple instruction given in the app and get to know your eyesight. The method used i…

  • HDMI Checker

    HDMI Checker 1.0

    MHL (HDMI) Checker is a tool to check MHL (HDMI) capability of this mobile. OTG Disk Explorer lets you to read USB flash drives and show in tv .as well as card readers from your phone or tablets. …

  • Body Fat Checker BMI

    Body Fat Checker BMI 1.1

    Body Fat Checker BMI is accurate and very easy to use, with options for both female & male body proportion and body type. Body Fat Checker BMI supports imperial and metric units. BMI to follow a…

  • Blood Pressure Checker

    Blood Pressure Checker 1.0

    The best version of Blood Pressure pro to measure blood pressure by fingerprint is free and easy to use, just scan your finger to see the result, and also you can simulate diastolic checker and heart…

  • Odds & Result Checker

    Odds & Result Checker 2.0.2

    Check all the results and games odds of the Premier League. A Result and odds checker of the Premier League - an English professional league for men's association football clubs. At the top of the E…

  • Air Quality Checker

    Air Quality Checker 1.0.5

    ▶Air quality Checker This app is great for anyone concerned about air quality and air pollution. Using this you can check air quality immediatly at any city. ▶ Features - Show air quality infor…

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