Bluetooth apps APK

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  • Fast Battery Charger

    Fast Battery Charger 1.3

    When you click start , this app kills bluetooth and wifi which consume battery hence your charging is boosted . When you click exit , wifi and bluetooth will auto resume. This app is automatic awaken…

  • BLE MIDI Sample App

    BLE MIDI Sample App

    MIDI over Bluetooth LE data logger, and sound player. Works on Android 4.4(or later) devices with Bluetooth 4.0 LE supports. Compatible with Apple's MIDI over BLE specification. This app can connect…

  • OBD II Application

    OBD II Application 1.0

    A simple application with real time monitoring of: -Speed, -Rpm, -Temperature, -Throttle, of your car using OBDII adapter connecting to your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

  • SZ Viewer

    SZ Viewer A1-2015-12-19

    A diagnostic software for SDL-KWP, SDL-CAN compatible Suzuki vehicles. It is able to display data values and DTCs of Engine, AT, ABS/ESP, SRS control units. An ELM327 adapter (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) is…

  • New Pro Smart Weather

    New Pro Smart Weather

    New Pro Bluetooth WeatherStation s offers you the added value with this free App, allowing you to view weather data collected by the product on your BLE-enabled smart device. With up to 30m-transmiss…

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