Bigger apps APK

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  • OneTouch Reveal

    OneTouch Reveal

    Let’s take the next step. Using the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app, the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter sends your blood glucose readings wirelessly to your Android™ device. See a bigger…

  • Add Audio To Video

    Add Audio To Video 1.0

    This application is for changing background music of a video. Using this video editor you can add or mix any audio to a video. If the audio's length is bigger then it will be automatically trim the a…

  • Smart Canvas

    Smart Canvas 1.1.11

    Smart Canvas is an app powered by Artificial Intelligence that helps companies and employees to break silos of knowledge and discover connections they would not anticipate. Any company bigger than a…

  • Ads Demo - AdMob showcase

    Ads Demo - AdMob showcase 1.0.0

    This app is a showcase for mobile ads in Android. See for yourself what fits your needs. For now Only AdMob ads are shown in the app, in all available sizes: ◉ Banner ◉ Large Banner ◉ Medium Rec…

  • Football Club Striker

    Football Club Striker 1.1

    Ever fancied yourself as a football striker ? Have you ever wanted to win the Champions League with YOU scoring the goals ? Well, now is your chance to show the world how good you are ! This action…

  • The legend of ninja

    The legend of ninja 1.0

    The legend of kage (影の伝説) - The player is armed with a kodachi shortsword and an unlimited amount of shuriken. Grabbing a crystal ball causes the player's clothes to change to the next level in colou…

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