Algorithm apps APK

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  • Crypto SMS

    Crypto SMS 1.2

    This application is built on my research about performance analysis comparison between 3 Candidates of AES Algorithm, they are Rijndael, Serpent, and Twofish Algorithm, in term of SMS. The key must…

  • Pinkman

    Pinkman 1.0

    For the price and value conscious, on-the-go millennial shopper, PinkMan is a shopping cum product discovery app bringing user's product an inch closer assuring users the best prices available, freei…

  • TrucksToHire

    TrucksToHire 1.0.1 is India's free platform for connecting trucks and loads. Trucks owners can register their trucks for free with this app. Loads owners can post their loads for free. Transporter…

  • Betskills

    Betskills 1.0

    What if combining mathematics with sports allowed to make predictions as close as it gets to the real, eventual results ? Betskills works out, every week, complete predictions for a wide range of co…

  • Tripie - Plan a trip

    Tripie - Plan a trip 1.03

    Tripie builds an optimized day-by-day schedule based on various constraints and preferences provided by the traveler. Tripie gives all the details including how much time to spend at each attraction,…

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