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  • eWON eCatcher Mobile

    eWON eCatcher Mobile 1.0.10

    The eWON eCatcher Mobile application is used to initialize secure remote access and allows you to use mobile applications with HMIs from automation vendors such as : • Schneider Magelis • R…

  • The Omnipreneur

    The Omnipreneur 1.01

    All of us yearn to find and infuse meaning into everything we do in our lives.. and who doesn’t want an app that helps you do just that? Whether you’re looking to add meaning to your prof…

  • Skeep

    Skeep 2.0.0

    Avec Skeep, reprends le contrôle de tes données personnelles sur internet & chasse les entreprises ne respectant pas ton droit d'opposition. Skeep est une application mobile te perme…

  • Accueil

    Accueil 1.0

    Funzionalità del portale amministrativo fruibili da dispositivi mobili: - Login Utente - Ricerca e consultazione documenti personali e pubblici Recent changes: Prima release

  • MyPg

    MyPg 1.0

    The MYPG app is a unique application that offers free paying guest services. Here client can find pg's in any area or near any College quickly and easily. With all features and optimized search this …

  • Brief Messenger

    Brief Messenger 52.4

    Featuring a clean interface and an intuitive user experience, Brief supports efficient B2B messaging, task management, file sharing, video and teleconferencing and other collaborative tasks. By remov…

  • Fago

    Fago 1.0.4

    The Fago, Facilities On The Go, platform was designed to be a cost effective, less time-consuming, user-friendly application created to assist everyday users (yourself), businesses (groups) and even …