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  • Work Logger

    Work Logger 1.0

    When one of specified Wi-Fi networks will be in range application will start recording time. Whenever Wi-Fi will be out of range, stop signal will be detected and shift will automatically end. You ca…

  • Infocal

    Infocal 1.1.1

    Infocal helps you receive Contextual Information from the Smart Places Around You. Be it a Tourist Place you are visiting, a Shopping Mall/Restaurant you are eating at, a Conference/Event you are att…

  • Clube de Vantagens

    Clube de Vantagens 3.0.1

    No Clube de Vantagens você encontra incríveis ofertas e descontos dos mais diversos seguimentos do comércio: supermercados, restaurantes, beleza e estética, automotivo, lo…

  • Malomo Pulsa

    Malomo Pulsa 2.2

    Aplikasi android Malomo Pulsa adalah aplikasi mobile gratis untuk member-member setia Malomo Pulsa di mana pun berada. Aplikasi ini memudahkan Anda dalam melakukan berbagai transaksi seperti pengisia…

  • SendLater - SMS

    SendLater - SMS 1.7

    A very simple but effective SMS scheduling application. Try it today and see if for yourself. SendLater - SMS app will help you send SMS on a later date and time. Using this app you can schedule you…