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  • Blood bank

    Blood bank 2.1

    Blood bank is a simple application which is helpful for those who require the blood of a particular blood group and also useful for those who are willing to donate the blood.This application allows t…

  • Pulse

    Pulse 1.0.0

    الهدف الاساسي هو عمل سجل طبي خاص بك و بافراد عئلتك يمكن الرجوع اليه عند الضرورة لكل الاحداث الطبية مثل الكشف و الاستشارة و المتابعة و العلاج و التحاليل و الاشعات. - تسجيل و حفظ الروشتة بالتصوير او ا…

  • AnatoScopeAR

    AnatoScopeAR 1.4

    Ce démonstrateur permet de visualiser un modèle anatomique produit par AnatoScope en réalité augmentée. Le marqueur à utiliser est le logo d'Anatoscope . Re…

  • SoundLink 2

    SoundLink 2

    The Sonic SoundLink 2 app works with all Sonic wireless hearing aids with 2.4 GHz technology. The Sonic SoundLink 2 app enables you to control your hearing aids, choose what you want to hear and adj…

  • Ivory India

    Ivory India 0.0.1

    "Ivory India"- A Medico-Dental Publication Group is an One-Stop Solution for All Medical and Dental Updates. This Android App is useful for Entire Dental & Medical Community covering al…