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  • Raft Survival

    Raft Survival 1.0

    You found yourself all alone on the small raft wandering in the ocean. There are no signs of earth nearby. You see all kinds of debris passing by that made you realize that you are the only survivor …

  • Raft Survival Simulator

    Raft Survival Simulator 1.42

    Survive the harsh life of being stuck on a raft in the middle of the ocean! You’re are no longer stranded on a lonely island, yet worse you’re lost in the middle of the ocean! No civiliza…

  • Kids Emergency Doctor

    Kids Emergency Doctor 1.0.0

    OMG! What’s inside Molly’s throat?! It looks like a GERM PARADE! No school for Molly today! Take care of her on her sick day & help her get all better. Take Molly to the doctor and pl…

  • Angry Birds: Dice

    Angry Birds: Dice 1.1.100347

    Roll the Dice, Play Skill Cards, Takeover Towns and Rule the board! ◆ Features - Play against/with friends, families or anyone from all around the world. - Meet all your favorite Angry Birds as Play…

  • Dice Cast

    Dice Cast 1.0.33

    Enjoy the Global Ranking Match with a dice. Rule is simple. Cast the dice and make it to the finish line. But your rival will not let you make it that easy. “Dice is cast” is a casual boa…

  • Tiny Gladiators

    Tiny Gladiators 1.0.0

    Tiny Gladiators combines elements of action-packed fighing game and engaging RPG. Venture into 4 distinct regions, each one full of powerful enemies for you to battle. During your journey of vengeanc…