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  • The Dark Hero Kika Keyboard

    The Dark Hero Kika Keyboard 1.0

    ★ Notice ★ The theme supports Kika Keyboard only. Click here to download Kika Keyboard for FREE! ★ About Kika Keyboard ★ Kika Keyboard is a smart keyboard app for Android that makes typing fast,…

  • Keyboard For Ramos

    Keyboard For Ramos 7.0

    Ramos Keyboard is a Ramos real madrid font style keyboard apply in your phone keyboard with any kind of message to used madrid characters. Ramos Keyboard apply in your whole phone keyboard images an…

  • How To Tie Gele (Head Tie)

    How To Tie Gele (Head Tie) 1.0

    Learn how to quickly tie gele for your self, friend or even professionally at that event, party, owambe to match that Asoebi. With this app, you would learn the simple ways to tie gele that you proba…

  • Ambience - Nature Sounds

    Ambience - Nature Sounds 1.1.0

    Ambience it's a mixer of relaxing sounds. You can mix many nature sounds, music and oriental sounds in order to obtain your ideal relaxed ambience based on your mood. You can use this app for sleepi…

  • My Diary (너의 이름은...)

    My Diary (너의 이름은...)

    새로운 일기를 써보세요 -할일 지원 -영화처럼 '타키', '미츠하' 테마 지원 -전화번호부 지원 -일기 지원 |-사진을 추가해서 생생하게 그 상황을 재연해보세요. |-지금 날씨는 어떤가요? 일기에 날씨를 추가해서 저장해보세요. |-Emoji 지원 |-지금 기분을 지정해보세요. |-어디에서 일어난 일인지 위치를 지정해보세요. -앱의 테마를 지정해보세요.…

  • Free Daily Horoscopes

    Free Daily Horoscopes 1.2

    If you are fan of reading daily Horoscope, then this free app should be installed on your Android smartphone or tablet as it is simple and easy to use. Our interest in astrology can range from a regu…