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  • TH Soundbox

    TH Soundbox 0.4

    TH (Aka Triforce Heroes) est un groupe de streameur sur Twitch! Cette soundbox rassemblera donc les sons de MrBigaston, 963Romain2, TheArkXIV et Fl0raEevee. Pour le moment, seul les sons de MrBigasto…

  • Guide for Zombie Catchers

    Guide for Zombie Catchers 1.0

    Welcome to our new guide to Zombie Catchers for one of the beautiful games in the type of Zombie Catchers Free which is also included in Zombie Games.So in our guide for Zombie Catchers, we have coll…

  • SaVaK Library

    SaVaK Library 1.0.1

    First Unicode Based Smart Library App in Maharashtra.It provides various search options for Marathi, English and Hindi books available in the library. It gives the book history for library members. I…

  • Vibiplays NBA 2K18

    Vibiplays NBA 2K18 1.0

    This app will make your video NBA 2K18 By following the instructions in this app you will be able to play NBA 2K18 video with great If implemented in NBA 2K18 video play then you will make the best …

  • GeZA-2D

    GeZA-2D 1.00

    Simulation of several 2-dimensional cellular automata (Game of Life, Wator, Brians Brain, ..) You may define your own rules and neighbourhood very easy. An new kind of ruling scheme is here introduce…

  • GeZA

    GeZA 1.0

    With GeZA you can simulate a lot of 1-dimensional cellular Automata and generate very nice Images. It provides the 3 basic-Types "totalistic", "Wolfram" and "NaSch-model"…