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  • Mr. OCR Text Scanner

    Mr. OCR Text Scanner 4.0

    OCR is a new scanning app available on playstore. OCR is very useful and professional app available on playstore. OCR app converts the image that u captured for a book into text document. With the O…

  • Facetones

    Facetones 1.5.408

    Facetones is a helpful, free program also available for Symbian, being part of the category Desktop customization software and has been created by...

  • OdontoEspacio Py

    OdontoEspacio Py 1.5

    OdontoEspacio Py surgió de las ganas de crear una herramienta útil para el día a día de los Odontólogos y Profesionales afines. En ella encontrarás informaci…

  • Cuide-se Bem Saúde

    Cuide-se Bem Saúde 1.2

    Cuide-se Bem Saúde auxilia na rotina do tratamento dos portadores de HIV e HCV Com iniciativa do Centro de Referência e Treinamento DST/AIDS-SP, Cuide-se Bem Saúde é um ap…

  • Smart Pharmacy

    Smart Pharmacy 1.0.1

    You can order your medicines online through this application. Upload your prescription prescribed by doctor and order the medicines. The application is managed by Professional Pharmacists. The Medici…