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  • Online Shopping apps

    Online Shopping apps 1.3

    All online shopping apps in one place, now just use this app to access all your favourite shopping apps. With the festive season coming and almost E-commerce giants coming up with tonnes of offers an…

  • İnstafenomeni

    İnstafenomeni 1.0

    UYGULAMA ÖZELLİKLERİ ; Gelişmekte olan sosyal medya sitelerinde yüksek kitlelere hitap etmekde giderek önem kazanıyor. Yüksek kitlelere hitap etmek ve bir çok sosyal medya …

  • Sonata Sharodia Guide

    Sonata Sharodia Guide 1.4

    The Sonata Shardiya Guide helps you to navigate everything during Durga Puja. It has features like Pandal Locators which will help you search Pandals easily. The restaurant guide will keep you update…

  • Sanatan Prabhat

    Sanatan Prabhat 1.0

    This app brings Marathi National Daily 'Sanatan Prabhat' ( सनातन प्रभात ) to your fingertips. Sanatan Prabhat is not a mere newspaper but a movement to guide India to the dawn of Hindu Rashtra. (Hind…

  • MedCords for Pharmacy

    MedCords for Pharmacy 2.1.5

    MedCords for Pharmacies allows our partner pharmacies to engage with the MedCords platform and signup users on our platform. We directly share our revenues with you, once you become a partner with us…

  • Heroes of Warfare

    Heroes of Warfare

    Heroes of Warfare is a FPS game which combine competitive style of MOBA games. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heroes of Warfare is a much anticipated mob…