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  • Минус 2 кг в день!

    Минус 2 кг в день! 1.0.1

    Нужно срочно сбросить лишние килограммы? Эта книга поможет без труда и мучительных диет л добиться желаемого результата в кратчайшие сроки. Здесь собрано множество диет, которые зарекомендовали себя …

  • BestMe! by Caryn Nicole

    BestMe! by Caryn Nicole 1.0.1

    BestMe! by Caryn Nicole was created to help you be the best version of yourself. Features Include... •Hundreds of exercise videos: Confused about an exercise? Watch Caryn perform each of her ex…

  • Eagle BMI Scale

    Eagle BMI Scale 1.1

    This Fat Scale is an Bluetooth 4.0 connected. Fat Scale can seamlesly transmit your personalized weight, BMI, Body Fat, Hydration, Muscale, Bone, Calories data to your or Android smart phone. Setting…

  • Hilates

    Hilates 1.7.0

    אפליקציה המאפשרת לך להירשם ולבטל שיעורים און-ליין בסטודיו Hilates, לקבל התראה כאשר מתפנה מקום בשיעור שנרשמת אליו לרשימת ההמתנה. האפליקציה קלה לשימוש, רק צריך להירשם בפעם הראשונה עם שם המשתמש והסיסמה!

  • Evycal - Lose weight

    Evycal - Lose weight 1.0

    You want to lose weight but also stay young full of energy and happy? Nowadays it is possible! With keeping a diet? No with the smartest virtual nutritionist Evy. Evy will help you to know what you …

  • Fit and Thick

    Fit and Thick 1.0.4

    Our workouts are written by women, for women! We’ve combined our female geared workouts with our passion for education and love of body positivity in our monthly workout program. Whether you …

  • 해빗(HAVIT) : 물 마시기 습관, 물 알람

    해빗(HAVIT) : 물 마시기 습관, 물 알람 0.07

    해빗(Havit!) 은 생활 습관 공유 플랫폼입니다. 앱을 통해 생활 습관을 개선하고, 건강해진 당신의 모습을 홍보하세요. 나의 습관을 따라하는 당신의 팔로워를 늘려 나가세요. - 나만의 생활 습관을 기록하고 분석할 수 있습니다. - 해빗의 추천 알고리즘을 통해 생활 습관을 개선하고 효과를 공유하세요 - 공유된 후기 중 마음에 드는 습관을 골라 나…

  • LIFE

    LIFE 1.3

    LIFE is FREE location based blood donation app. It is one of its first and only unique application available with feature of realtime map. LIFE uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE o…