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Health & Fitness Android Apps Games

  • Beeline

    Beeline 0.2.371

    Pick your own path and discover new places with Beeline’s smart compass. Instead of showing a prescribed route, Beeline strips navigation back to basics by simply showing you the direction to y…

  • Diabetes Ke Upay

    Diabetes Ke Upay 1.0

    ➡ No. 1 diabetes app in 6 countries ➡ Most popular diabetes app in the world based on five-star reviews and ratings In the 21st century, our routine life became unhealthier. The office makes us obe…

  • Nadi Shuddhi Yoga

    Nadi Shuddhi Yoga 1.0

    Nadi Shuddhi demonstrates easy exercises to effectively cleanse the Nadis and Yoga Chakras to restore and maintain balance and health physically, mentally, and spiritually. Suited for all ages and li…

  • Walkme-Alarm

    Walkme-Alarm 1.0

    Walk Me-Alarm !!! walk me up alarm clock. Unless you get out of bed and take a Walk, your alarm will not stop loud alarm ringtones. It stops ringing only when you have walked a certain number of step…

  • Save My Heart

    Save My Heart 1.2

    Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) have now become the leading cause of mortality in India. India is currently witnessing nearly two million heart attacks a year and majority of the victims are youngster…