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Casual Android Apps Games

  • Kids Car Wash Garage

    Kids Car Wash Garage 1.0.2

    Cars help us a lot. Even our curious Hippy has a car. Millions of cars works so much to make our life easy and comfortable. But cars also need help. Cars, like every normal alive creature, like to ea…

  • Fruit Knock

    Fruit Knock 1.0

    How can you feel this game? Please try to knock down all the boards in Fruit Knock. It is not easy as you imagine while playing the game from beginning to the end. There is some interesting hide behi…

  • Bartender The Right Mix

    Bartender The Right Mix 1.0.1

    This game requires the bartender to make the right mix of drinks. You as a bartender, must know what mix well. Pour, shake and serve! Our barman is in your hands, but watch out, he is a bit partia…

  • Fruit Splash Mania

    Fruit Splash Mania 1.1.132

    Link juicy fruits and create longest fruity line. Collect all delicious and fresh fruits! Play Fruits Splash Mania and enjoy pleasant and fruity treats. ♡ 120 uniquely impressive and challenging lev…