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  • My Cooking Town - Cooking

    My Cooking Town - Cooking 1.05

    It is real recipe cooking game. You can make your own dishes and decorate them. Cook delicious dish with Judy~ You can not only cook with various ingredients and recipes, but also eat the cuisine …

  • Horse Care and Riding

    Horse Care and Riding 1.0.1

    First, you need to make sure you get rid of that unpleasant condition where he is put in. Start the treatment phase and use the equipment you dispose of. A horse health could be recognized by the co…

  • Between the Blocks

    Between the Blocks 1.3

    Hit the dropping objects (by clicking the rounded button on the left on your screen) and ball on the go should hit the randomly moving left block. Don't let the objects leave your sight and be sure …

  • Dodgelings (2 Players)

    Dodgelings (2 Players) 1.4

    Two players, one device and swift turnips ready for the fight. Try to hit each other while dodging at the same time in two available game modes: normal and sniper. Dodgeling is about: . Two players,…

  • Bitcoin Spinner

    Bitcoin Spinner 1.0

    It is new and perspective game Bitcoin spinner. The more often you twist spinner, the more bitkoins you will get to your wallet. Recent changes: New spenners for all, Open all spinners and win 0.005…

  • Dot Drop

    Dot Drop 1.0.1

    In Dot Drop, a set of multicolored dots fall and you must tap at the correct time and on the correct dot to gain points. Miss and you'll have to start again! It is simple at first glance, yet extrem…