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Casual Android Apps Games

  • SwipeX

    SwipeX 1.5

    SWIPE as quick as you can! REVEAL the block before you hit the ground! COLLECT the points to become best in the world! ★★★★★ Tired of candy pop bubble gum farm adventures? Midpoly is here to pro…

  • Coffee Dessert Maker

    Coffee Dessert Maker 1.0.2

    Coffee Dessert Maker - The best game for making coffee. In this game, you will experience over 18 kinds of coffee (such as Cappuccino, Mocha, Latte, etc.) production process. All the processes are s…

  • Bartender mixing

    Bartender mixing 1.0.1

    This game requires the bartender to make the right mix of drinks. You as a bartender, must know what mix well. Pour, shake and serve! Our barman is in your hands, but watch out, he is a bit partia…

  • QuaDs - Musical Tap Game

    QuaDs - Musical Tap Game 1.5.9

    Do you think your multitasking are to the point ? This game will make you rethink that completely ! QuaDs is easy to play ! You tap on the triangle tiles to dodge the incoming squares. The squares…

  • Fishing Adventure

    Fishing Adventure 1.1

    You can fish for anything if you have a white sail, wind and a spear. Old man's reckless voyage to the end of the ocean. With personal combination of fish ability and spearing skills, catch the fish …

  • Bubble Shooter 2017

    Bubble Shooter 2017 1.1.2005

    Join the fun! The best FREE Android bubble shooting game is ready to be downloaded now!  Rescue little foxes to travel across amazing bubble scenes in Bubble Shooter 2017. ✓ Never feel bored: A…