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  • Guide My Talking Tom 2017

    Guide My Talking Tom 2017 1.0

    My Talking Tom is a new virtual pet app for the Android platforms. This game allows you to be a virtual cat owner, except that unlike cats in real life, your new tomcat will actually talk. Other than…

  • Confused Words Offline

    Confused Words Offline 17.0.0

    Confused Words Offline Dictionary is a free offline app with over 2500+ Words with meanings usage in sentences. This dictionary contains confused words which are either similar in pronunciation but…

  • guide for pepsiman

    guide for pepsiman 1.3

    pepsiman It was released in Japan in March 1999, in this guide we offering to you a lot of informations about the game to facilate how to play and to enjoy the game without issue . pepsiman is a r…

  • New CLUE Brawl Stars

    New CLUE Brawl Stars 1.5

    This guide app is not associated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or approved by SuperCell creator of Brawl Stars In this app you can find: -How to earn and spend the gems! -News about Brawl Stars …

  • Tafseer AlKauthar Urdu

    Tafseer AlKauthar Urdu 1.0.0

    Tafseer AlKauthar app presents Urdu translation and tafseer of the Quran with easy navigation, browsing and serching of the content. This app is developed to facilitate the reading of Tafseer AlKauth…