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  • Guide for WhatsApp

    Guide for WhatsApp 1.0.0

    this is an unofficial guide for new version WhatSapp WhatsApp needs no real introduction. It's now the world's most popular instant messaging service, and we love it to pieces. As a show of apprecia…

  • Guide: for Super Mario

    Guide: for Super Mario 1

    this is a Guide. No matter how great this era of the game, can not be compared with the memory of childhood Super Mario Classic Edition, Super Mario Classic game allows you to recall childhood memo…

  • Guide for Happy Wheels

    Guide for Happy Wheels 1.0

    Guide for happy wheels: Happy wheels game is a derivation of the existing programs on materials science Ragdoll created and distributed by the power of passion. Happy wheels unblocked games or happy …

  • Guide For Whos Your Daddy

    Guide For Whos Your Daddy 1.0

    How to Win as Dad in Who's Your Daddy The Daddy's Objective is to secure the house, stopping the baby from Killing Himself. These are the items to remember when playing as Daddy. who is your daddy t…

  • Map Craft Royale MCPE

    Map Craft Royale MCPE 1.0

    Map Craft Royale is one of the best maps of Minecraft PVP. This map is created by fans to simulate the arena map in MCPE. MAP CHARACTERISTICS - Destroy the towers of the enemy team using your strat…