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  • Holy Bible NIV

    Holy Bible NIV 1.0

    New International Version Bible(NIV) contains the New Testament and the Old Testament. NIV is a fully offline version, does not require internet to function. The first version of the application com…

  • Guide For Doodle Army 3

    Guide For Doodle Army 3 3.2.1

    This is an ideal for apprentice and broadly engaging player. This is best fan Guide Hacks Doodle Army 3 Mini Militia.with this amusement and what you have to win this diversion, opened more tracks, g…

  • Guide for Gang Beasts

    Guide for Gang Beasts 1.1

    Guide for Gang Beasts is a silly multiplayer party game with surly gelatinous characters, brutal mêlée fight sequences, and absurd hazardous environments. Support for online multiplayer …

  • Adarsha

    Adarsha 1.0.0

    —Brief Introduction— 1. ADARSHA is an app that lets you read and conduct searches of ancient documents in a digital format. There are three main categories of texts: (a) Kangyur (the wor…

  • Meskel Selot የሴጣን ማባረሪያ

    Meskel Selot የሴጣን ማባረሪያ 4

    የሴጣን ማባረሪያ የመስቀል አጥር ፀሎት ይህ የመስቀል አጥር ጸሎት በበረሃ በገዳም ያሉ ቅዱሳን የሚዸልዮት ነገረ መስቀሉን የሚያስቡበት ጠላቶቻቸዉን አጋንንት እንዳያሸንፏችው የሚከላከሉበት ነው፡፡ ሌባ አውሬና የመሳለሉት ወደቤታችን እንዳይገቡ የመከላከያ አጥር እንደምናጥር ሁሉ የሰውን ሕይወት የሚሰርቅ ሰይጣን ዲያ…

  • Tips Exploration Lite

    Tips Exploration Lite 1.0

    Do you like to play in exploration lite ? This application is useful for players of whatever level - you look for the best practices, tips cheats for the game exploration lite . Recommendations exp…